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Starr Lawsuit Against NY Fed Over AIG Bailout Dismissed

Judge Engelmayer has dismissed a $25 billion lawsuit filed by insurance company Starr International against the Federal Reserve Bank of New York over its 2008 bailout of AIG.  Starr, which owned about 12 percent of AIG and is run by former AIG CEO Hank Greenberg, had alleged that the Fed assumed a fiduciary role at AIG … Continue Reading

Judge Engelmayer Preliminarily Enjoins MTA’s Advertising Policy on First Amendment Grounds

Judge Engelmayer today granted a motion for a preliminary injunction by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (the “ADFI”), a pro-Israel lobbying group, against the New York City MTA, enjoining application of the MTA’s standards for acceptable advertising. The ADFI had submitted an advertisement to run on the backs of city buses that read: “In any … Continue Reading

Judge Engelmayer Preliminarily Enjoins Insurer from Cutting off Advancement of Hedge Fund’s Legal Fees

In an opinion issued yesterday, Judge Engelmayer granted the motion of Level Global and the hedge funds’ management team to preliminarily enjoin their insurer, XL Specialty Insurance, from cutting off the advancement of legal fees. After Level Global and its managers became the subject of a criminal insider trading investigation by the U.S. Attorneys’ Office … Continue Reading

Judge Engelmayer Orders Foreign Defendants’ U.S. Counsel to Accept Service in Terrorist Money-Laundering Case

Judge Engelmayer today granted the federal government’s motion for leave to effect alternative service on a group of Lebanese financial institutions accused of a $450 million money-laundering scheme involving Hizballah, a group designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the U.S. Department of State. The government filed its in rem civil forfeiture and money-laundering complaint … Continue Reading