In a complaint filed yesterday, a former Fox News producer alleged that Fox News host Bill O’Reilly violated the terms of a confidential settlement agreement when he made public statements indicating that harassment claims against him were mertitless, and merely reflected attempts to extort money from him.  According to the complaint, O’Reilly settled discrimination claims

In an opinion yesterday, Judge Batts dismissed claims by investors in a Madoff feeder fund against the fund’s managers and auditors because, under the law of the British Virgin Islands (where the funds were organized), only the fund had standing to assert the claims. If fact, she noted, similar claims against the same defendants are being pursued by the fund itself in BVI liquidation proceedings:
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In an order today, Judge Batts dismissed without prejudice the disability discrimination complaint of ten-year NBA veteran Cuttino Mobley, who claimed that the Knicks, in order to save money on the NBA’s “luxury tax,” forced him to retire by sending him to doctors the Knicks knew would not clear him to play. Mobley has a heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, or “HCM,” which can lead to sudden heart failure. Judge Batts concluded Mobley hadn’t sufficiently alleged he was qualified to play pro basketball:
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