Amendments to the SDNY local rules are effective as of today.  The changes can be seen in redline here.  The following are a few of the more notable changes:

  • A motion to amend or supplement pleadings must include a clean and redline version of the proposed amended or supplemented pleading (Local Rule 15.1)
  • For privilege logs, the new rules encourage the use of “a categorical log or a metadata log, instead of a document‐by‐document log” (Local Rule 26.2)
  • The requirement to first address discovery disputes with a letter request for a pre-motion conference has been formally extended to disputes involving subpoenas under Rule 45 (courts had previously diverged on whether subpoena disputes were covered) (Local Rule 37.2)
  • Local Rule 56.1 is now explicit that responses must admit or deny each paragraph of allegedly undisputed facts, and the moving party must provide an electronic copy of the statement to the non-movant for purposes of the response (Local Rule 56.1)