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New Complaint Alleges Trump Family Defrauded Would-Be Entrepreneurs Through Multi-Level-Marketing Scheme; Plaintiffs Move to Sue Under Pseudonyms

A complaint filed today alleges that Donald J. Trump, the Trump Organization, and members of the Trump family falsely promoted the multi-level-marketing scheme ACN, reaping millions of dollars in secret payments to promote the scheme that led to would-be entrepreneurs losing millions of dollars.  According to the complaint, the members of the purported class invested in … Continue Reading

Judge Castel Dismisses RICO Claims in Case Over Alibaba Selling Counterfeit Goods

Today, Judge Castel dismissed RICO claims brought against Alibaba Group Holding by a group of luxury goods makers including Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent.  The complaint accused Alibaba of providing services and a market platform to merchants that Alibaba should have known were selling counterfeit goods. Judge Castel specifically considered the plaintiffs’ claims that Alibaba’s … Continue Reading

Judge Torres Dismisses Putative Class Action Against Trump Model Management

Yesterday, Judge Torres dismissed a putative class action of foreign models against Trump Model Management and two of its officers.  The models brought claims under the FLSA, the Immigration  and Nationality Act (INA), and RICO, alleging that Trump Model Management had recruited them to come to the United States on H-1B visas but then underpaid … Continue Reading

Judge Forrest: RICO Rule of Person-Enterprise “Distinctness” Defeats Claims Involving Only FedEx Affiliate Companies

Judge Forrest yesterday granted the defendants’ summary judgment motion in a case accusing FedEx of violating RICO by overcharging for packages based on weight and Canadian customs fees.  She found that the plaintiffs had failed to show the necessary “distinctness” between the FedEx affiliate that committed the alleged wrongs and the “enterprise” through which it allegedly acted: The RICO … Continue Reading

Judge Koeltl Finds No RICO Standing For Claim That Competitor Gained Unfair Advantage by Defrauding Customers

In an opinion today, Judge Koeltl partly dismissed a RICO case accusing a home action company called Concierge of deceiving customers about its “auction results, sales statistics, and track records,” and engaging in “other fraudulent conduct such as using shill bidders, allowing bids from unregistered bidders, and adding a reserve at the last minute.” Judge … Continue Reading