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Judge Engelmayer Preliminarily Enjoins MTA’s Advertising Policy on First Amendment Grounds

Judge Engelmayer today granted a motion for a preliminary injunction by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (the “ADFI”), a pro-Israel lobbying group, against the New York City MTA, enjoining application of the MTA’s standards for acceptable advertising. The ADFI had submitted an advertisement to run on the backs of city buses that read: “In any … Continue Reading

Judge Nathan Denies TV Networks’ Motion for Preliminary Injunction Against Aereo

In an opinion issued today, Judge Nathan denied the motion of several major broadcast television networks to enjoin Barry Diller-backed start-up Aereo from offering its Internet television service to subscribers. This decision follows an expedited spate of briefing and a two-day hearing, which the SDNY Blog has covered in previous posts. Judge Nathan’s decision, which … Continue Reading

Parties Submit Dueling Proposed Findings of Fact and Law in Aereo Preliminary Injunction Matter

In separate filings today, both sides in the broadcast television networks’ action to preliminarily enjoin the Aereo Internet television service (which we have blogged about on several occasions) put forth competing proposed findings of fact and law to Judge Nathan, as the parties await the Court’s ruling after a two-day preliminary injunction hearing in late-May. … Continue Reading

Judge Forrest “Leaves No Doubt” that Government Is Enjoined from Enforcing Indefinite Detention Law Against Anyone

As we reported last month, the government moved Judge Forrest to reconsider her order preliminarily enjoining enforcement of a federal law authorizing the government to detain U.S. citizens who provide “substantial support” for Al-Qaeda, the Taliban or their “associated forces.” In a footnote to its motion for reconsideration, the government stated its view as to … Continue Reading