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Judge Cote: Software for “Dynamic” Tutorials Too Generic to Be Patented

In an opinion yesterday, Judge Cote concluded that a plaintiff’s software patent was not eligible for patent protection because it amounted to an abstract idea.  The patent covered a “method of creating a dynamically adaptable tutorial,” and, in essence, it described a method of linking website elements so as to facilitate, and easily update, online tutorials.  … Continue Reading

Judge Forrest: Enough With “Reductionist” Motions of Patent Ineligibility

In an opinion Wednesday, Judge Forrest denied a summary judgment motion seeking to declare the plaintiff’s claimed patents ineligible for patent protection.  The opinion begins with skepticism of the current “fad” of patent defendants seeking to declare patents ineligible with “reductionist” arguments that overly simplify the invention:… Continue Reading

Judge Hellerstein Scolds Patent Plaintiff For Cat-and-Mouse Games Over Patent Infringement Contentions

In an opinion Monday, resolving “the latest in a long, tedious series of discovery disputes,” Judge Hellerstein chided a patent plaintiff, Intellectual Ventures, for having disclosed infringement contentions that were “discursive, disorganized, and, at times, confusing” and for repeatedly shifting positions about what it believed was the infringing conduct of the defendant, JP Morgan: Intellectual … Continue Reading

Judge Engelmayer Throws Out Patent Infringement Suit Over Computerized Diet Planner

In an opinion issued today, Judge Engelmayer granted Bravo Media’s motion for summary judgment against DietGoal innovations, the holder of a patent for a “computerized method and system for diet-related behavior analysis, training, and planning.” As Judge Engelmayer explained: [T]he claims of the ’516 Patent, viewed as a whole, recite nothing more than “the concept … Continue Reading