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Judge Torres Rejects Commerce Clause Challenge to Higher EZ Pass Rates for Passes Bought Outside New York

In an opinion today, Judge Torres granted the MTA summary judgment in a suit challenging the practice of charging higher bridge and tunnel tolls to customers using EZ Pass cards (or transponders) purchased out of state. She found no discrimination against out-of-staters because they, too, are free to purchase discounted, in-state EZ Pass transponders:… Continue Reading

Judge Engelmayer Rejects Challenge to New York City Discounting Tolls For Certain Residents

The New York City transit system offers residents of Staten Island, the Rockaways, and Broad Channel discounts on the tolls they pay to cross their local bridges, and, in an opinion yesterday, Judge Engelmayer rejected various constitutional challenges to the policy from commuters who don’t get the discounts.  For example, he concluded that the policy did … Continue Reading