On Tuesday, Judge Kaplan issued a 97-page decision granting in part and denying in part Chevron’s motion for partial summary judgment in the RICO litigation Chevron has brought challenging an allegedly fraudulent $18 billion dollar judgment against it in Ecuador under that country’s Environmental Management Act for “environmental harms to the community.”

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In the RICO litigation Chevron has brought to challenge an allegedly fraudulent multibillion dollar judgment against it in Ecuador, Chevron has sought documents from Patton Boggs, counsel for Ecuadorian citizens (referred to as “Afectados”) trying to enforce the judgment. On Friday, Patton Boggs moved Judge Kaplan to quash the subpoena because of alleged “gamesmanship” and because Patton Boggs claims complying with the subpoena would cost $6-8 million and take over a year:
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