The article includes the following answer detailing Judge Berman’s most interesting cases:

The most rewarding part of the job has to do with the breadth and sometimes the significance of the cases. Mine have included: a) two “three judge” cases (election redistricting and a challenge to the Communications Decency Act); b) two cases which were ultimately decided by the U.S. Supreme Court, one involving the importation of wine into New York State and another relating to civil RICO (Yes, I went to both oral arguments in Washington, D.C.); c) the New York City “subway search” case which was resolved after a compelling bench trial; d) the case that authorized the use of credit cards in New York City taxis (You’re welcome); e) the trial of a non-U.S. national for attempting to kill U.S. government officials (CIA, FBI and military officers) in Afghanistan; f) overseeing the District Council of New York City Carpenters Union trusteeship which calls upon my undergraduate degree in Industrial and Labor Relations; and g) the recent trial involving counterfeit wine which sold for $20-$30 thousand per bottle.