New ECF rules allowed, as of last week, for e-filing of letters unless a judge’s individual rules provided otherwise.  We noted previously that several judges had updated their rules to expressly allow or require ECF filing of letters.  Since then, many more judges have followed suit.  The chart below summarizes the judges’ position on ECF filing of letters:

Allow/Require Do Not Address Do Not Allow
District Judges
Baer Abrams Batts
Berman Daniels Briccetti
Buchwald Griesa Carter
Cote Haight Castel
Crotty Hellerstein Cedarbaum
Duffy Kaplan Failla
Engelmayer Keenan Gardephe
Forrest McMahon Karas
Furman Owen Marrero
Koeltl Pauley Oetken
Nathan Sand Rakoff
Patterson Stanton Ramos
Preska Stein Roman
Scheindlin Sweet Seibel
Schofield Sullivan
Swain Wood
Magistrate Judges
Cott Fox Davison
Ellis Goldberg Dolinger
Francis Pitman Yanthis

UPDATE: A reader correctly points out that the vast majority of judges in the “do not address” and “do not allow” columns have not updated their individual rules since the new ECF rules were announced in August, and thus will likely end up joining their colleagues in expressly allowing or requiring letters by ECF. Of all the judges who have updated their rules since the August ECF rule change, all but Judge Rakoff have allowed or required ECF filing. Judge Rakoff updated his rules on August 12, and continues to bar ECF filing of letters. Also, it bears emphasizing that letters to judges whose rules do not address the issue may be e-filed.