Judge Scheindlin issued a statement responding to the Second Circuit’s Order yesterday removing her from the stop-and-frisk cases.  The statement in full reads:

Press Release I write to respond to the two issues cited by the appellate panel as the basis for removing me from the Floyd and Ligon cases. 1. On the related case issue: the plaintiffs originally wished to bring a contempt proceeding against the City in the Daniels case, which I had handled for many years. The City opposed the plaintiffs’ application, asserting that a contempt proceeding would violate the protective order in Daniels.  I sided with the City and directed the plaintiffs to bring a new action rather than a contempt proceeding.  I said I would take the case as related because the plaintiffs charged that the City had violated my order in Daniels. 2. With respect to press interviews: all of the interviews identified by the Second Circuit were conducted under the express condition that I would not comment on the Floyd case. And I did not. Some of the reporters used quotes from written opinions in Floyd that gave the appearance that I had commented on the case. However, a careful reading of each interview will reveal that no such comments were made.

The case has been reassigned to Judge Torres. (H/T Ryan Devereaux via Slate)