Judge Forrest today dismissed a lawsuit brought by former Olympic ice skater Oksana Baiul against more than 20 individuals and entities she accused of stealing more than $57 million she had earned through skating performances and endorsements.  The suit, which Judge Forrest characterized as “frivolous and, frankly, bizarre,” raised 17 claims, including civil RICO, common law fraud, breach of contract and conversion arising out of business relationships and transactions that largely took place between 1994 and 1997. Judge Forrest ruled that all of Baiul’s were time-barred and otherwise meritless and dismissed the complaint in its entirety.

As is made clear in the four motions to dismiss filed by defendants, the untimeliness of each of Baiul’s seventeen claims in her twice-amended complaint appears on its face as to all claims against all defendants. The Court notes the assertion of such plainly time-barred claims is frivolous and raises serious Rule 11 issues. . . . The Court notes that each of Baiul’s claims also suffers from additional fatal defects, but there is simply no reason to spend the resources to review them all in light of this glaring and dispositive issue.