In a complaint filed Monday, the producers of a forthcoming Broadway version of To Kill a Mockingbird, with a script written by Aaron Sorkin, are seeking a judicial declaration that the play is consistent with a written agreement to the rights to the play for just these purposes.  An alleged representative of Harper Lee’s estate has objected to the script as unfaithful to the novel.  The complaint makes an unusual offer to prove that this is not so:

Because the “Play” is defined in the Agreement as the “live stage” adaptation of the Novel, and not merely the script therefore, resolution of [plaintiff’s] declaratory judgment action will require the Court to view the Play itself, and not simply read the script. In order to facilitate a speedy resolution, [plaintiff] is willing to arrange for an immediate performance of the Play, by its full cast, for the Court’s benefit in this Courthouse. Upon seeing the Play, it will be apparent that the Play does not impermissibly depart from the spirit of the Novel or alter its characters in any way . . . .

The case is before Judge Torres.

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