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Judge Pauley Rules that Dissolved Law Firm’s Hourly Matters Are Not Property of Bankruptcy Estate; Certifies Issue for Interlocutory Appeal

In a fraudulent transfer case brought by the trustee for Thelen LLP against law firms where former Thelen partners took work, Judge Pauley ruled today that the billable matters (as compared to contingency cases) were not “property” of the bankruptcy estate. Although “unfinished business” is generally an asset of a dissolved partnership, Judge Pauley concluded … Continue Reading

Judge Pauley Criticizes SEC-Created Investor Education Foundation For Waste

The SEC’s 2003 settlement with 10 investment banks over their research analysts’ conflicts of interest included a $55 million fund for a foundation to make grants to advance investor education. In an order dated yesterday, Judge Pauley, upon reviewing the foundation’s most recent report to the Court, severely criticized the foundation for its apparent waste, … Continue Reading