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Journalist’s Complaint Seeks CIA Files for “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques” at Guantanamo

A complaint filed this week seeks to compel the CIA to release records related to its interrogation practices, including “enhanced interrogation techniques” used on a prisoner held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  According to the complaint, the prisoner has been held at the Guantanamo Bay facility for fifteen years without being charged.  A Politico article cited in … Continue Reading

FOIA Suit Seeks Disclosure of Law Enforcement Surveillance of Black Lives Matter Movement

A complaint filed yesterday seeks to enforce a FOIA request for data on the federal government’s surveillance of the activities of the Black Lives Matter movement.  The complaint argues that the monitoring may “chill valuable public debate about police violence, including the use of deadly force, criminal justice, and racial inequities” in violation of the First … Continue Reading

Second Circuit Orders Release of Memo Discussing Legality of Drone Strikes

As we wrote about early last year, Judge McMahon reluctantly dismissed two FOIA suits seeking disclosure of a secret government memo addressing the legality of drone strikes on U.S. citizens.  Now, the Second Circuit has reversed that decision and ordered that the government produce the memo (known as the OLC-DOD Memorandum) in response to FOIA requests made … Continue Reading

Judge Scheindlin Criticizes Unsupervised “Self Collection” of Documents

Judge Schiendlin issued an opinion Friday in a FOIA case that was critical of the practice of having government workers collect documents from their files, without strict oversight from counsel. The opinion will likely be cited in discovery disputes because, as Judge Scheindlin notes, “much of the logic behind the increasingly well-developed caselaw on e-discovery … Continue Reading

Judge McMahon Notes Irony of Government Seeking Extension in FOIA Case for Secret Reasons

Yesterday, Judge McMahon granted the government’s request for more time to file a summary judgment motion in response to Freedom of Information Act lawsuits from the ACLU and the New York Times concerning (among other things) a secret legal memo first reported the New York Times justifying the targeted killing of U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki. … Continue Reading