Judge Pauley yesterday denied a request for the government to reimburse over $17,000 in travel expenses incurred at a deposition in London in the ongoing SEC case against Caledonian Bank (previous coverage of the case here).  Defendant Verdmont Capital had contended that two of its principals were not subject to deposition by the SEC, and the SEC agreed to compromise by “picking up the tab for travel” to depose the two principals at a neutral site in London.  The SEC advised Verdmont that it would only reimburse for expenses in line with the federal government’s travel reimbursement policy.  Verdmont, however, took the SEC promise to pay to heart, submitting receipts for first class airfare, $700 per night hotels, a $1,000 hotel bar tab, tours of St. Paul’s Cathedral, and a multi-day trip to Madrid after the depositions were done.
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In an opinion yesterday, Judge Pauley harshly criticized the SEC for obtaining an ex parte freeze on the assets of a Cayman bank premised on the bank’s participation in a pump-and-dump scheme for unregistered securities.  The SEC should have known or quickly discovered, according to Judge Pauley, that the bank was acting as a broker