In two rulings yesterday, Judge Scheindlin admonished counsel that did not heed her advice at a pre-motion conference, which is required for most motions under her rules.  In the first ruling, a party moved for summary judgment on certain grounds, even though Judge Scheindlin had advised that “there was likely a disputed issue of fact” on those grounds.  Judge Scheindlin denied the motion and warned that “counsel should think long and hard before making a motion for reconsideration” because “[t]he Court has now twice considered [the] arguments” and a “third consideration will be useless.”  In the second ruling, a party “continued to oppose [a]motion for remand even after being advised by this Court in a pre-motion conference that the Connecticut cases [it] cited were unpersuasive.”  She granted the motion and ordered the losing party to pay its adversary’s attorney’s fees.