In a letter endorsement yesterday, Judge Baer relayed a message from Judge Keenan to the parties in the latest in a long string of cases between file-sharing company LimeWire and the major media companies.  Counsel for LimeWire had written to Judge Baer on behalf of both parties, jointly seeking a one-day mediation before Judge Keenan, who had presided over successful settlement negotiations involving LimeWires’s file-sharing technology in several prior litigations in the Southern District.  Judge Keenan, apparently, was not interested in brokering another deal. In denying the parties’ request for an audience with Judge Keenan, Judge Baer wrote:

Judge Keenan has declined your kind offer. If you can get the lawyers and parties together during the balance of June and since I presume this is a jury trial, if it gets that far, I will be glad on your written consent to try my hand. In any event call Chambers and we will resolve the matter one way or another. I can certainly assign your Magistrate Judge if that’s your preference.