In a complaint filed this week, the promoter representing former heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua has sought a declaratory judgment allowing Joshua’s promoter to select the site of a rematch bout with reigning champion Andres Ruiz.  According to the complaint, Ruiz was asked to serve as a last-minute substitution for a June 1, 2019 fight against Joshua at Madison Square Garden when the original challenger dropped out.  According to the complaint, Ruiz and his promoter agreed that, if Ruiz prevailed, Joshua’s promoter could request a rematch within seven months at a time and place of Joshua’s promoter’s choosing.  Ruiz won a dramatic upset, and Joshua’s promoter asked for a rematch to be held in Saudi Arabia.  Based in part on alleged tweets by Ruiz saying that he would only participate in a rematch in the United States, Joshua’s promoter now seeks a declaratory judgment on the issue of where the rematch will occur.

The complaint contains causes of action for breach of contract and anticipatory breach of contract.

The case is currently pending before Judge Castel.