A few minutes ago, suspended Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez voluntarily dismissed his suit against Major League Baseball alleging that it tortiously interfered with his Yankee contract through improper methods of investigating his alleged use of performance enhancing drugs, and also voluntarily dismissed a second suit challenging his resulting suspension.  The two notices are here and here. It is unclear whether the dismissals were the result of a settlement. Prior posts on the A-Rod cases are here. [UPDATE:  It appears there was no settlement, and A-Rod simply decided to cease litigation, see ESPN.com.]

The article is here. In other litigation news regarding A-Rod, Judges Schofield and Ramos issued a joint order yesterday directing the parties to file a “Statement of Relatedness” by today concerning the two cases A-Rod has filed against Major League Baseball. The first is a toritious interference case regarding MLB’s allegedly improper investigation of him, and the second seeks to overturn his 162-game suspension.  If the cases are deemed related, they would likely be assigned to Judge Schofield, who was assigned the earlier-filed case. Our prior posts on the cases are here.

In a complaint filed today, Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez sued Major League Baseball to overturn an arbitral panel’s decision to largely uphold his lengthy suspension from baseball. The panel’s decision, which was made public for the first time as an attachment to the complaint, reduced his suspension from 211 games to 162, but rejected A-Rod’s arguments to overturn or more substantially reduce the suspension. A-Rod’s complaint takes aim at the author of the arbitral decision, arbitrator Frederic Horowitz:

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Major League Baseball today moved to dismiss Alex Rodriguez’s suit accusing it of tortuously interfering with his Yankees contract and potential endorsement deals. The League argues that his suit is preempted by Section 301 of the Labor Management Relations Act, 29 U.S.C. § 185(a), because the allegations are inextricably intertwined with collective bargaining arrangements:

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